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oil pressure switch cable routing

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I put mine back out of the way of the fan, and over the hanger, round the head but it's a bit stretched. have had a look at some old photos of the bike and it looks like it goes behind the fan/cowl and up directly. anyone got a pic or good explanation on how it's meant to be routed ?

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On both my CX there's a small guide-clamp attached to the upper left front engine casing via one of the M6 bolts.

Number 6 on here,

Clamper Cord.

This holds mine away from the fan.Then I just route it any way it will go to fit nicely.Much easier in my case as I don't have the Fan guard or mechanical fan in the way,

If you don't have the clamp you can make one out of an old piece of Jubilee clip much like the ones I made for my Clutch cables,

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Good picture Cobram.I'll take the opportunity for archival purposes to add that in that Yellow circle you can one of the M6 10mm headed water jacket bleed bolts(One on the other cylinder as well).These often get overlooked when changing coolant and or doing cylinder head work.

They should be removed to allow all the coolant out otherwise it gets messy doing head gaskets and as above you don't get all the coolant out when doing a change.

They're only low torque,knuckle wrench tight 6/9 Ftlbs.I use a bit of thread lock on them just for good measure.

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