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No Go!

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Most of us have probably heard that annoying, angry buzz that a speedometer makes when it needs lubrication. I took the GL out for a ride yesterday and, on my way home, I heard that noise but it seemed a little louder than the usual. While accelerating from a stop light, suddenly the engine revved liked I had missed a shift and wouldn't engage any gear. I coasted into a parking lot. Had to get the wife to bring the trailer to get it home. Moving the shift lever, I can still feel the transmission shifting, but it still won't move. I suspect something in the clutch has failed. Any other thoughts would be welcome. The Engine still starts and runs fine.
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make sure the driveshaft has not fallen off sometimes the bolt can back off
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Thanks, Murray.. I think I'll check that before opening the clutch.
Well, I found my problem. The rear axle nut came off and allowed the differential to disengage. No apparent damage. Replaced the nut, tightened everything down (with a generous application of thread lock) and the problem was fixed. Now the really sad part. I had the bike on my lift to work on it. It was on the center stand. When I took it off the center stand, my right foot slipped off the edge of the lift and me and the the bike went down. The damage was not as severe as I thought it would be, but the bottom of the fairing got cracked (pics below). the molding on the edge of the fairing was also damaged. I'm not sure how I'm going to fix the fairing. Anyone have any ideas? Does anyone have one those of trim moldings lying around? :cry:
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owwww.....thats a bugger of a location to fix.

Many fairings are made from ABS. So, basic plumber's pipe glue for ABS pipes will work. The trick is to get some ABS sheets to use as backing for the crack patch.

You will need access to the inside to apply the backing ABS patch. Just gluing the edges together won't hold for long.
A heat gun can assist with forming a sheet patch to fit, making cracked/broken corners as one on the back side too. Heat/bend/heat/tweak/dry fit... when you're happy, "schmooie" it and set it. "Schmooie" is a very technical term for anything which is liquid/semi-liquid and sticky. For example a "schmooie shooter" is a caulking gun.
You could also use fiberglass mesh drywall tape. It's adhesive, so you can stick it in place, then mop it in with ABS paste. You can buy that, or make it by dissolving ABS into acetone.
That's assuming the fairing is, in fact, ABS. Test first.
Dan you may find this thread helpful. How to repair a fairing

I have a few spare fairings. I'll try and pull the trim off one and send it to you. PM me your mailing address. I'd send you the whole fairing but for the shipping cost.
Bummer Dan... 😢 Hopefully you weren't hurt? Good luck on the repair.
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Sorry for the bad luck 😔
What a bummer. I've done the same thing with my 85 goldwing. Good luck with the fix. Seems like there is always something to do. Good advice on here.
I trust you would have told us if you were injured in the fall.

When I did the fairing in the thread Mike linked to the edgings I had were in rough shape so I went over the gaps where the inner & outer shells meet with acetone in a needle bottle to ensure they were solidly welded and then filled the gaps &c with 2 part bumper and flexible part filler

The first time I separated my GL500 from the sidecar I did it outside on the driveway without a helper. As I was shaking the bike to get it free of the sidecar hardware I lost my grip and it went over sideways, smashing the left mirror.
After that I always separated them inside (concrete floor) with the bike on the centrestand and moved the sidecar away from the bike.
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