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Welcome to the forum MR Breeze, and thank you for adding all your info too.

You are not the first to remember the greatness of these bikes and wanting another one years later. There are lots of options out there to be found at different levels of readiness. Some road worthy and others needing lots of TLC.

If you have been browsing around the forums for a while then you may have seen one of the bikes I have restored in the Garage section. HERE If you read through it you'll find out it's been fully restored including a new engine. The bike is sitting ready to paint next in line. I'm finishing up a GL500I right now, but should be getting to the CX in a couple weeks. So the color option at this point would be up to the buyer if they wanted a certain color. But the plans are a two tone candy red and gold leaf strips.

If your interested in it email me. But it may be more than you are looking to spend on one right now. But when this bike is done, NOTHING will be needed. Turn key and go.

Again, welcome to the forum. We hope you enjoy your stay here.


Welcome in! If you've been browsing- you'll know that the quality of Larry's work is A+... if distance/ money was not an option I'd be all over that bike.. lol- After having mine, I'd love to get a few more GLs

Again- have fun, ask questions, and shiny side up..
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