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NewB needs ideas!

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Hey y'all so I got bored late one night hit up craigs list and found an 86 cx500 that no Joke was being sold by a 80yo pastor she'd been sitting in his shop for years. 8k miles on her and runs like a dream great shape other than some chrome rust and no front faring. New tires and battery $400 cash. And now that I got her for lack of a better fraise trick her out maybe update her look a bit . But it's my 1st bike I don't know where to start or even where to get parts. So if anyone could give me some ideas or where to get parts or just post some pix of what you've done so I can get started it would be a big help.
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If its low mileage and it all works, I'd ride it till something breaks then think about doing it up after I know what I like about riding it
your sure its a 1986? you can get parts at bike badit or keep looking at craigslist and get a parts bike real cheap....
Look in the "Garage Wall" section- people post pics of their bikes. Mine is a 1982 G500, and some fresh paint and a new seat have changed the look. "Motorized 2 wheels" I think is what I called my thread. There's pics of my 'before', during the welding for the seat, and then the 'after'.. your bike is whatever you want it to be
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Thank for the advice y'all.
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