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Newb cafe build w/questions

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Hi Everyone,

I've been reading your threads for a couple weeks now and have already learned alot. I thought I'd start a thread of my own since I need all the help I can get. Recently, I bought a 79 cx500C from a neighbor and plan to do it cafe style. The bike runs and is cosmetically pretty good. I plan to strip it down and do the typical cafe mods. So far I've removed the tank, seat, gauges and headlight. Once I remove the engine I'll clean the heck out of it or use my neighbors bead blaster and paint the frame. I'm planning on do alot of the suggestions mentioned on other threads of what to do while the engine is out.

-Replace mechanical seal

-Inspect Adjust Cam Chain Tensioner

-Clean Cabs

-Maybe a new stator

-Replace Radiator Fan

-??? anything else???

My first questions is regarding winterization. He didn't winterize it before I bought it. Currently the bike is in my un-heated poll barn and we're already well below freezing around here. I'll work on the bike there this winter and use a torpedo heater while I'm in there. I'm up to step 3 or 4 of the engine removal section in the shop manual and it says to drain the oil. Is that advised since this barn in not heated and will be in there all winter? I'll post a pic soon.

Any advice is appreciated.


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