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Please help!

I picked up my first Motorcycle a couple of months ago (an 82 GL500i) and I am having what I believe to be an electrical issue with it. It started the other day when I rode two-up for the first time. After traveling a couple of miles the bike started to run funny, would not make power (I had to walk/glide down hill with it to a safe location), and the directional indicators were not fully lighting/blinking quickly. Once I got to a safe location I turned off the ignition and turned it back on. When I turned it back on there was no electrical power at all (no lights or indicators). After looking around for a couple of minuets for loose connections (and finding none) I tried the ignition again and found full power restored. After that I completed my 60+ mile ride with my wife with no issues again until the end of the ride when we pulled into a store. Same problem but this time I did not check for connections, I just entered the store and shopped. When we returned to the bike the problem again vanished. Since that date I have only tried to ride the bike twice with the problem getting more frequent each time. I was planning on getting the battery checked and thinking maybe the rectifier may be shorting when warm? Could this be a stator coil shorting out when warm and reopening when cool? :confused:

Please help...

Thank You,
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