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Wemoto etc in the UK are usually selling the Electrex stators

yes, Electrex, the ones of somewhat dubious repute.

I know folk who have used em for ages and others who wont touch em

with a barge pole

I've seen em go for as low as £35 on Ebay

they are cheap

they may last for ages

You pays yer money and all that

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Same here Shep

I never had CDI stator issues with KAE and

still using the TI stator that came with this engine

And have a well tested SH spare ready in case I do

In fact I have a CDI type which I put a good high speed coil on

somewhere too......

Re westcountry windings

Once of Plymouth, the company and name went east

while the personnel(talent?) stayed west

and their reputation took a nose dive after that

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Re Ignitechs

They are not specifically designed for the CX

The only CX specific thing is the data file loaded in the eeprom

and could be used on many 2 cylinder CDI bikes.

I reckon he knocks em out in his shed or maybe on the kitchen table

as there are no serial numbers,CE conformity, model or revision labels

etc or any of the usual signs most electronic companies would add.

I like em and think its a great upgrade from the flakey stator situation

so many suffered but have always had a slight reservation about the long term


Luckily for the folk who bought them they seem to be reliable

and only time will tell if they have a similar lifetime to the old CDI boxes.
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