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so in effort to make removing the h-box easier for installing pods with stock carbs

upgrading to mikunis

or just making yourself a custom exhaust

i have had the by-pass pipes i use all the time put into production for you guys

There are 2 types

Stock location type Part # MCBP

Stock Location Exhaust $60


used to have the mufflers in more or less the same place and with the passenger foot pegs if you want

and up swept type part# MCPBUS

Upswept Exhaust $60


used for a more aggressive look or whatever you want

here are both so you can see the angle difference

these pipes can be used on cx or gl 500s and the 650s

they can be trimmed up to 2-3 inches on the front and up to 6 inches on the back to allow for your personal selection of mufflers and exhaust style and length

they weld on to the joint ring at the header and you can slide any 1 3/4 muffler over the pipe at the back and clamp it on

this way you can fit your new mufflers to the stock foot peg bracket at the back or with the up-swept ones you may want to make your own bracket for the muffler

here is a set of the upswept ones using harley sportster mufflers took me 15 mins to do

here is a set of stock type location ones

i sometimes leave the header chrome and the muffler chrome and heat wrap the steel part so my shoes or me dont get burnt

sometimes i wrap the whole pipe

if the headers are rusty i sand them and paint them black

or i also send them out a get them ceramic coated

all that is personal taste and selection

these pipes will let you fab your exhaust in record time and fit around the shifter foot pegs and brake pedal

they are 1 3/4 all the way back so flow is not an issue they weld on at the inner and outer joint ring so even if your stock header is rotted out when it comes out

of the h-box you can still reuse it

The forum member price for the pipes is 60 plus 15 for shipping and tracking for the usa

email me if you are outside the usa

i will post some more pics of various exhausts i have made from these later today

i will work with Charles later to get some purchase buttons put up in the buy and sell

till then email me


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Not open for further replies.