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New owner of cx500 and I need some help

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I just got a cx500 off my friend that didn't really want much to do with it but at the time it had older gas but we could somewhat get it to run with the choke pulled It just wouldn't idle or get over 3000rpm's now that I have it I drained the tank and put fresh 93 octane in it and now it wont fire at all but it will fire with carb cleaner getting sprayed in the air box I did have to remove the gas strainer from the tank being that I was gonna clean it but it got too messed up to work and it just causes a huge gas leak. So please can someone help?
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Hi Walker2, You're going to have to service the entire fuel system ( tank cleaning, carb cleaning, fuel lines. petcock filter and screen. tank filter screen also, if you still have one installed).

Quick reference material has the service manual. Also, many fine carb cleaning articles there.

Try not to use carb cleaner with the rubber ( o rings, gaskets, rubber plugs,air cut off valves and accerator pump diaphragm installed--it will deteriorate them).

If you have access to an ultrasonic cleaner it will make the carb cleaning easier,

Check out (in the buying forum) Larry Cargills excellent guide to cleaning the CX/GL carbs (about 25-30)

Lastly, after serving the fuel system, be sure ti install an inexpensive in-line fuel filter just after the fuel petcock,--PROTECT your newly cleaned carbs.

Consider running (once) Techron Fuel System cleaner) or alternately Seafoam through with fresh gas.

Post us, - many helpful members here. sam
Thanks im assuming the carbs need the cleaning because there is strong flow from the petcock and the bowls are filling up. Is it possible there is too much in the bowls? But the fuel level is below the overfill drain?
Hi Walker2. When you ran the bike it probably loosened some of the gummy deposits and sediments from the old gas,- and deposited them further down the fuel system line,-. , also --very likely you have stuck fuel (float) valve(s). This would account for your overflow. These should be salvageable with a good cleaning in carb cleaner.

If you,ve never (high level) cleaned carburators ( and the entire fuel system, for that matter)- post for help from a knowledgeable forum member close to your area, -

You can do it well if so inclined. Keep us posted. sam
There is no overflow but I just took the carbs back out and found one of the floats to be installed upside down so I'll fix that and clean it really good.
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