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I'm a new member, but have been reading the Turbo Forum during the last year with great interest.

Many years ago I rode a Triumph T-bird, but have not been riding for many years. Looking for a "new" classic bike, I stumbled over a 500T and immediate fell in love.

The bike were situated in Mid-Schweden, and had not been used the last 4 years and looked as if it was in good condition with only 5500 km on the clock.

Brake overhaul, fresh gasoline and a new air-filter, new accu - and I have had great fun 7000 km without any trouble.

Last year a trip to Norway with 7 other CX (one of them another CX 500T), and next summer a trip to Austria is planned.

Right now we have 40 cm snow everywhere - so no motorbiking.


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