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New member needs pressure gauge

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Hello. New guy here with an '83 650 Turbo. I've really been enjoying it. Just rode it down Hwy 1 in California to Big Sur.
Very nice complete bike, but missing the original pressure gauge. For some reason, I'd like to find a correct one. Seen different ones with all black numbers and some with black and red. Some with silver background and some with white.
Any thoughts on what my bike came with? Did they come with a pouch too? Lastly, does anyone have one for sale?Thanks.
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Once you find the may find these are still available Oem...from japan at least if not locally..
Been to long ago for my tired brain but I sold one on the forum. Can't recall details but believe they were included around 82 (I have had 5 silverwings & several had the gauge. Internet had some from Japan & China . I assumed The Jap ones were original. I also heard around 82 were with some Goldwing tool kits. Think Partzilla had them listed. One of the Canada guys bought one of mine-he was better informed than me so maybe he will respond. Paul
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See the cx500T page on Partzilla.
Partzilla lists three tire pressure gauges,

and the pouch,

Paul I may be the one who bought the gauge from you. Recently I found gauge and pouch in my GL500 Interstate.
I was pretty sure it was you but reluctant to name names.
Sidecar Bob is correct when he said best used as display-don't think they could endure regular use. The ones I had did come with pouch .Paul
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