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Hi everyone,

I'm in Athens, Georgia and recently purchased a 1982 CX500 Custom. It came to me with about 6,100 miles on the odometer. While I have no way of knowing if these are the original miles, it's in pretty good shape for its age. The previous owner rode it for a year after buying it from the original owner, who reportedly kept it in a shed for most of its life.

I've ridden it about 30 miles so far but am now working on some minor issues. I just replaced the rear shocks as the originals had no damping left. Next is the rear brake, which had some intermittent chatter when applied.

I'm a very experienced bicycle mechanic and pretty OK at working on my 1993 F-150. This is my first motorcycle and I went into it knowing I'd have a lot of tinkering ahead of me.

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Welcome aboard!
The CX500 is a good learning platform. It's well documented and fairly easy to work on.
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