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New member from the Netherlands

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Hello folks, my name is Adrian, Dutch Adrian on this forum. I bought my first CX500TC in 1994. You have to learn how to ride it but I find it a lovely bike. In 1995 I became a member of the Honda First Turbo Club (HFTC), a Dutch club for the owners of the Honda CX Turbo's. In 2000 I purchased a CX650TD and in 2001 a CX500 (basket case). I conduct the maintenance of the bikes myself. That's all for now.
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My son has had an 82 CX500T for 3-4 years now, as well as his 82GL500i. He says fuel economy on the Turbo can actually be better than the non-turbos as long as he uses the Turbo gently in lower RPM ranges, as it recovers some power from the turbo without wasting fuel. He also added that WOT speed bursts can quickly negate the fuel savings, lol!
Nice to have you on board here btw!
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