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G’day there. I have just bought an original 78 CX500. Original 27 KS. Complete and in relatively good nick, usual patina, rust on front guard and other chrome bits. Bought as a non runner, but was just crap in the fuel tap and carbs. New battery and it runs great. I have other bikes, like GL1500, FZR400, CBR900, VFR750, CB550 and more but none quite like the CX. I like the relaxed ride. I’m chasing a service manual as I want to go over the whole thing. I’ve looked about a bit on the site with no luck. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

Also, has anyone put some Keihin FCR carbs on one of these, I’ve had great results with them, particularly on the FZR.
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Someone will link you some downloadable manuals in due course.

For now here's an online 78 manual.

Welcome to the forum.

We like piccies. ;)
I’ve cleaned it up a bit since these images which are how it arrived. Changed the oil and filter, cleaned up some chrome and various parts, added a screen, lubed cables. Getting a roadworthy tomorrow to put it on historic reg, so it’s only $80/yr and I can afford to own/ride multiple bikes.
Sure it's a 78? Looks like an 81 to me.

I'm guessing the frame number starts with 23. 78 starts with 20.

Nice bike.

I converted one like it to a US deluxe replica.

Well there you go, don’t believe anything you hear (or the previous owner says). Clearly complianced in Aus Feb 82, VIN starts with 24. Changes little I bet, the forks are spindly undersprung and underdamped, the shocks similarly. Twin disc front, neither of which do terribly much. Luckily though to compensate, the motor is underpowered😂

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I like your CX. Like the CB more. I have a 78 (I think 😂) 550, with 23 Ks. Patina but runs nice. Single disc works worse than the CX. Best thing about the front brake is the gearbox. Similar suspension and speed. I’m keeping both it and the CX as they are, no repainting. I’ve repainted others like the FZR, a VFR and of all things a Suzuki FR80 scooter, but the CX and CB look good as 40 odd year olds.
82 had twin piston caliper front brakes and transisterised ignition with auto camchain tensioner. Otherwise same as 81.

Brakes may be better - maybe. I actually prefer the 38 mm single pots.

Manual tensioner is better than auto but transisterised ignition is more reliable than CDI so that's a definite win.

Often the twin pot calipers seize and work on one pot. That's why I prefer the single pots. A cleanup of the calipers might improve things.

Factory spec for fork oil is 140 cc. I use 155 - 170 and this helps by reducing the air space. Air is a compressable medium whether valves are fitted or not.

A fork brace is a worthwhile addition and stops a lot of the bad behaviour.
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Welcome to the forum. I guess I don't need to welcome you to the world of antique vehicle ownership (they own us, not the other way around).
In addition to going through the Factory Shop Manual for your model and doing all of the service procedures, regardless of whether your bike has reached the specified mileage, I also recommend looking on all rubber parts with suspicion because (as you probably already know) rubber does not age gracefully. I'm sure you know to check the date codes on your tires and replace them if they are over 5 years old no matter how good they look & feel (old rubber simply cannot flow around the irregularities in the asphalt well enough to grip, especially if it is cool or wet). It looks like your CX still has the original rubber brake lines, which should have been replaced every 2 or 3 fluid changes (= 5 or 6 years) so I recommend shopping for modern stainless braided ones (they last practically forever and double the life of the fluid). And don't forget things like the rad hoses and the boot between the engine and swingarm (they can crack on the bottom where you don't see it).
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