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New Daytona Bars - One big problem

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I had my mechanic switch out the old bars for new Daytona's. Well one big problem---the master cylinder is designed for the buckhorns they came off of and subsequently the level is way off. So any suggestions? And if I have to replace all together can I purchase a used Honda CB 750/950/etc master cylinder from ebay to replace? -A


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I never realized the custom's controls where that different.  If you've got the money I'd buy a new one from ebay, a few people on here have bought them and they work well.  If not, I dont' see why the one's you mention wouldn't work, or you could get some from a deluxe or standard CX.

Something like this:
I have the same situation but I never thought the master cylinder needed to be level (except obviously when opening/bleeding) otherwise how would the brakes work when leaning. Am I wrong? My brakes seem to work just fine.
All it needs is to be full of fluid. Turn the handlebars in a way so that it is level and fill it to the top. Put a towel on the tank in case you drip some.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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