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Got my new cables on this morning. Suprisingly that was a bit of a fight. The cables I ordered were 2-3 inches shorter than the old ones. Which actually fit perfect now. Anyway I also got both holes in the MC cleared, I didn't stop cleaning the refill until I could see light shine from my flashlight. I pumped it up off the bike and got the shot of fluid to come out of the reservoir. So it works fine however I think I like the looks of the zuki MC.

Anyway though, I put 70 miles on the CX today and everything ran great. Now to just finish my LED spot beams and get some LED's for the engine. I'm also still wanting some saddlebags but for right now I'm enjoying my finished 54 mpg machine. That's right, I said 54! 131 miles and filled it with 2.4 of 87
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