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need some quick info !!

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I got to run quick , trying to finish changing my oil I for got how much goes in , I already put in 2 Quarts > how much Please!!!
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Wow thanks for no help !!
Wow thanks for no help !!
2.6 US quarts (2.5 L). Be nice ...
This question has to many answers. The answer is between all the continents and different fluid measurements find it out yourself.

Download the manual and read it. One says one thing another says another.

Do this. Buy 3 quarts of oil. Pour 2 1/2 in with the bike on the centerstand. Then wipe the dip stick and place it in the hole. Don't screw it in. Add a bit more and check often till it gets to the right point on the dipstick.

If you want I could give you a handful of threads that contradict each other.

Oil threads. Cant live with them. Cant live without them.
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I had the answer, ...

just wish I was here to reply, instead of at work trying to earn money so I can buy oil...
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