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I assume most people know by now that I have designed and plan to build a rather interesting electric fan controller and it appears several others may be interested. I was in contact with the PC Board manufacturer today about the most economical size I can panelize a board order into and am ready to start laying out the board but I need some opinions and measurements. Any Regular or Deluxe CX should be fine to measure from as if anything the Custo is a bit shorter although I think under the seat is similar. Wouldn't hurt to know both though so I can figure out the best place and size of a chassis box I need to try and build this in. Current gues is 3" x 2" x 1" but I can shrink in any number of directions.

What I really need to know are the following:

1) Where would be the best place to mount the controller brains? Last time I looked at my bike (1979 Custom) it appeared there was some extra space in front of the CDI that might work. Where would you mount it (preferably hidden) and what would be the maximum dimensions (length x width x height) I'd have to deal with?

The following is based on the most logical, easy and hidden routing:

2) I need to know how long the wire should be that leads from that box to the temperature sensor. The controller is designed for the sensor to mount UNDER the radiator right next to the exit hose but could also be mounted up top on the radiator. I figure what would make it to that bottom area would be plenty long enough if you chose to mount it on the top.

3) I need to know how long the wire should be that runs to the FAULT indicator LED which I would assume most people would mount somewhere inbetween the gauges.

Probably the best way to do this would be with a piece of string then measure it?

I apologize for me not having my bke or another one nearby to reference, it's out at OldOkie's and he unexpectedly got called out of town for the weekend.

In knowing these dimensions I'll be able to produce a unit that fits all the bikes without any hassles, it will also be nice to have the measurements listed in the Bill of Materials since I'm sharing it along with the schematic for people that want to build it themselves.

If you haven't caught my consolidated thread yet it's located at

There's also a survey at the top I'd appreciate responses on (it's totally anonymous) but make sure and read through the information in the thread first.
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