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I have had this front end sitting in my garage for atleast 4-5 years now and finally getting around to getting it on my bike. Looking for help from people who have done this. I have seen a few pictures online of people putting cbr forks on the CX with a comstar wheel so i know its doable, just a matter of how they got there.

The forks are i believe a 2011 model cbr600rr, its a been a 4-5 years since i bought them so i dont remember. The calipers and rotors are from a 08 i believe 1000rr and are the "smaller" flat backed style. The wheel is a GL1100 maybe ? its not the stock CX, the hub is symmetrical side to side unlike the CX.

I have the wheel mounted and centered in the fork with custom spacers and bearings from All balls, my problem is that the calipers hit the spokes on the comstar and the wheel wont rotate. There isnt enough meat on the caliper to simply grind them down to clear. Any suggestions ?

You can see how much interference there is by the marks on the calipers.

All help is appreciated. Pictures even more so.


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