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I took off my front forks to re-route some wires that I had installed incorrectly.

During dis assembly I found that I have lost a part on my brake caliper.

The part secures the disc pad pins in place and is bolted to the caliper.

attached is a pic

I don't know if the part is common to both the CX and the GL. My bike is a 83gl and has dual front disc brakes. Only one side has become lost.

I would say that this is very irritating, but better to have found the issue than not. Pins on this caliper had NOT moved from alignment, but I would feel better if it were put back together correctly.

I hope one of our forum members can help me out with the part. I would doubt it is available from Honda.

Can someone make this pic real for me[/IMG]

Merry Christmas


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According to the parts manual the plate is Honda part number 45217-MA3-006. Service Honda shows it available at $2.57, so you should be able to get it from your local Honda dealer.

Alternately, if you wish I can mail you a used one from a parts bike. Just send me your mailing address.
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