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My 650 has dual disk front brakes!

And I believe I could do a stoppie if I wanted to, but I don't want to. Lol!

I've never ever pounded on my front brakes as hard as I could because I am afraid of what might happen.

The braking power of my front brakes even at half brake is very good and combined with engine braking from downshifting it is amazing.

I have performed emergency braking tests at about 80-90km/hr but even then I only give it 80% full front brake with the rear brake being held for stability and even then my front forks are nose diving something fierce. I have never actually needed to stop like that in a real world situation though and I wouldn't want to either because if anything was closer than 3-4 carlengths behind me they would plough right into me and we all know how much people love to tailgate.

In regards to the steering lock. When I dropped my bike at about 50-60 km/hr when a car turned left in front of me I sheered off my steering lock as well. It doesn't take much to break this little tab off the steering column. I have since had a guy make a replacement piece for me and I plan on welding it back on.

Currently I have to put felt tabs on the back of my upper fork tubes as they will make contact with my gas tank and dent the tank. So watch for that, you don't want to be denting the tank or the damaging the tubes more than they already are.

I discovered my 650E was a pretty tough bike after that 50-60km/hr drop as other than the missing steering lock I could not discover any other problems with the front fork/tubes. I have since rode the bike about 1000km after the accident and have not noticed any problems yet. So just cause the bike was down doesn't mean its done. Check the front end very carefully. See if the front forks are bent in any way, check wheel bearings/axle too by shaking the front wheel while its off the ground.

Most of all try and take the bike for a test ride to see how it feels in corners and straight riding to see if it's messed up at all. Inspect the bike before the test ride obviously.

Given my experience, these bikes are tough.
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