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need a lil help with a multi meter

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hows it im checking the ti system on my 85 gl, just need to clarify a picture or two

with the key off, ground of DMM too negative terminal of battery it reads 000.0

with the key on it reads 005.4mV

is this an earth fault or is it to be expected?

i guess what im asking is should the frame read a mV reading normaly ?

main fuse is 12.5 as are the ignition modules on the black\white wire and around the same reading +\-
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The negative terminal of the battery is supposed to be connected to ground but it isn't uncommon for resistance in the circuit to cause a tiny voltage to develop at the connections. I wouldn't be terribly concerned about anything less than 100 Mv.

BTW: Voltage is not a "current reading". Voltage is the electrical equivalent of pressure and current is the rate of flow of electricity through a load.

Before you try to measure anything with your meter it is a good idea to learn how meters do what they do and how to use them. I strongly recommend studying this page about the various types of meter (voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter) and then moving on to the section on multimeters linked at the bottom of the page to learn about how to use a meter that combines the types in one case

If you are unfamiliar with things electrical it is probably a good idea to go through their page on how series and parallel circuits work, followed by the section on voltage & current linked at the bottom.
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Yeah, I almost replied too until it clicked. And I even almost posted the same link I posted in another thread recently.

On re-thinking it I will post that link because someone might find this thread and need it. This is the current best price on aliexpress for the Aneng M118A full auto ranging meter.
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