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name that tune

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whats this sound like to you?
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does it do it every time or what? does it do it if you were going to start the bike instead of having the kill switch turned off?? but i dont think its your starter clutch but maybe some thing worked loose like on ricks bike with that screw kinda sounds the same to me
its a 18mm spark plug but if you can find the holy grail of sockets (18 mm) then it will work i use what ever is the closet fit and that works for me
is the noise still there after you changed plugs?
well i am glad the noise is gone and now your a little closer to getting that on the road i know you have been wanting to for awhile now so just take a spin down the road you dont need a front brake (i ran a year with out one) just use your rear and slow sooner
man i just want to go for a ride some time soon and i am sure you will learn how to use your back brake only...
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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