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name that tune

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whats this sound like to you?
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yeah it makes that sound almost every single time. its always made that sound but intermitantly there is a loud clank. i wanted to pull the spark plugs to see if they are fouled and maybe to a compression test but i can't get either of them out. what size is the plug? i have all the standard sizes but none of them fit down the tube to actually seat on the plug
all my spark plug sockets are SAE. i didn't think they would work, all my metric sockets are either under 14mm or short. looks like i'm goin to harbor freight tomorrow after all
I haven't made any valve train changes. i have pulled the valve covers to clean and paint them but they went right back on with no issues. the plugs look almost rusted in place. the heads are greenish. i'm going to go to harbor freight at lunch and get the right size tool to pull them off. cross my fingers that i have compression etc. i wasnt planning on rebuilding the motor too.
plugs were completely oil soaked. they also looked like the wrong brand from what i read on the plug. replaced them and poured some more gas in the tank. two cranks fired right up. idle is back to wicked high again cause i was dicking with the idle screw. i'll set that back and try again.
the noise is gone. it starts on the first crank with fresh fuel and new plugs. i only let it run for about a minute to make sure there was no rotating assembly noise. i plan on changing the oil in a few weeks. i already changed it in the beginning of the build and i havent driven it but after running it idle in so many different air/fuel combinations i think i should change it and check it for metal flakes. i'll pour it thru a cheesecloth or something to check for impurities.
good call. i want to burn it down the road but there is no front brake on it currently. still have to rebuild that before i feel comfortable driving it.
i have pretty shitty coordination i'll give it a try but it will probably be sunday. i got a list of honey do's at home and sunday is my day to work on the bike. i didn't even really want to still use my front brake. i wish i could move it to the foot peg and do like a dual pedal for the rear as well. that might be a little tricky. i also may want to switch over to a jockey shift. i really want my bars to be as bare as possible for the looks.
1 - 8 of 20 Posts
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