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Mystery Wires and Signal Relay questions..

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So wrking on this GL500 I recently got and ever since I got it the front and back blinkers don't work and nothing shows on the indicator either. Figured it was the signal relay but not 100% sure, so went hunting for where it is physically located and *think* I found it. I've attached a pic so maybe someone can tell me if this is it....litle black box with 3 wires. Anyone know of a good replacement option for it?

Also, I found two sets of wires - a pair of brown ones in the headlight casing and three wires next to the battery - that I have no idea what they are for. They were wrapped in a small plastic bag someone tied to them for protection I assume. Can't figure out what they are for though. I have attached pics for those too. Any ideas?


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the wee box is the 7v regulator for the temp gauge

black: Power in

green: Ground

yellow: 7V out

middle pic:

hard to see but

IIRC brown wires supply parking lights

brown/white supply panel lamps

bottom pic:

weeny little pic again, but it looks like the wires to a missing flasher relay

green: ground

white/green: power in

grey: power out to indicator switch

Sorry for the small pics. I think you just helped me out a TON! If those three wires are where the signal / flasher relay should be then that explains why my signals don't work! I checked the service manual that I have but it didn't tell me the correct location where to find the relay...but you may have just nailed it for me.
The flasher is located just to the right of the solenoid/main fuse holder in this photo.

See here for a few more photos in the main fuse modification writeup.

The GL flashers only used two wires. The green wire (ground) just hangs loose.

Thanks a lot, that helped quite a bit. Hopefully last question but what is the best relay replacement? Is there a specific voltage / wattage?
Just yer run of the mill 12V 2x21w type will do.

theres no need to get a 'Honda' flasher.

Daves pic shows a common or garden can type

with power in on the B terminal

and power out to the switch on the other.

Great, I will pick one up today. Just outta curiousity why use a two prong relay when there are three wires? Wouldn't it make sense to get a three prong relay instead or am I missing something?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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