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Mystery Wires and Signal Relay questions..

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So wrking on this GL500 I recently got and ever since I got it the front and back blinkers don't work and nothing shows on the indicator either. Figured it was the signal relay but not 100% sure, so went hunting for where it is physically located and *think* I found it. I've attached a pic so maybe someone can tell me if this is it....litle black box with 3 wires. Anyone know of a good replacement option for it?

Also, I found two sets of wires - a pair of brown ones in the headlight casing and three wires next to the battery - that I have no idea what they are for. They were wrapped in a small plastic bag someone tied to them for protection I assume. Can't figure out what they are for though. I have attached pics for those too. Any ideas?


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I'm going through the same dilema as mechajubie, My gl500i signals have stopped working (on the bike Im rebuilding),the blinker can ,can be heard engaging but no flashing. I was suspecting the blinker can itself but now I can do some voltage checks/ground checks etc ,thanks to all again.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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