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Hello again all,

Last fall I purchased my old 1982 GL500 for $400 and it started but didn't run due to dirty carbs and rust in the gas tank. I went to harbor freight and purchased rust remover and poured that in followed by WD-40 and then gas. Put an inline fuel filter in and it runs like a champ. Only thing is the brake light no longer works nor do the turn signals. So before i sell it I am planning on getting that electrical issue sorted out.

The reason l was looking for a new GL500 was to have saddle bags and at least a sissy bar for my new Wife and I to go on our honeymoon on this august. I am lucky to have met a woman with a sense of adventure even though she may not know exactly what she is i for. (I have ridden to Missouri and northern Wisconsin from Michigan before and many trips within the state) We are planing on going to the U.P. and then maybe further west.

Anyway, I found this 1981 GL500i in Ohio. Other than a tuneup (carb sync, valve clearance, new plugs, new shaft oil) and tires this bike is ready to go. Fully loaded with Markland touring package (seats, floor boards, heel-toe shift, and extended brake lever), full cage crash bars, and the Clarion type 2 package. (CB, Radio, Intercom, and Tape deck) all for $700.

needless to say I'm pretty excited about our up coming trip.

Also here is a random one I saw in a parking lot today.
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