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My CX500 RAT

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Thought I'd post some before and after pics of my RAT CX. This is the first bike I've ever owned. Flat black paint job, new handlebars and mirrors, shortened the rear fender, remounted and rewired the rear lights, sportster seat, vinyl cover for under the seat, removed the original exhaust and put straight pipes and header wrap.

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i have to say this as a rat bobber builder/rider i love the looks i get from the chomeies as they look down on my rice grinder then they see the jockey shift and foot clutch that they are to scared to run and they shut the fook up makes me laugh every time espically when i pass them and shift to 5th they all look suprised

last summer i was at a bike night just to get some dinner at a bbq joint and it was all harleys i parked mine next to some flthckutush(wtf is with the letters shit anyhow?)and some guy asked me what the hell is that thing? funny how many harley guys a really just the ride to bike night and back home they have a 2000 model with like 15 miles on it they make me laugh!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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