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My CX500 RAT

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Thought I'd post some before and after pics of my RAT CX. This is the first bike I've ever owned. Flat black paint job, new handlebars and mirrors, shortened the rear fender, remounted and rewired the rear lights, sportster seat, vinyl cover for under the seat, removed the original exhaust and put straight pipes and header wrap.

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My old rat, was fun to do, was given it (my mate dont like Honda's)had banana seat, trailer guard 12 inch rise bars with longer home made cables, unfortunatly pod filters / K + n's, not so much of a problem, mate has a rolling road

Fitted custom rear wheel as its smaller than stock, butchered the exhaust with a large metal spike down the middle to make it flow better, some Kawasaki trail bike front guard and bob's your uncle.
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cover your lights and things you need to see (speedo, indicators, tail light etc) and blast the little fooker, dont worry about the brake disc's, it soon wears off.
I don't know. I must be getting old as I like my GL500 just the way the folk at Honda made it. All of the rats, bobbers, and choppers look as uncomfortable as hell. They would not work with my old bones as I like to travel mile after mile down old back roads just to see what is going on in the rest of the country. If they are what "floats your boat" - go for it. Billrod

Ah billrod you seem to have fallen into the standard trap every-one falls into, asuming that rats are uncomfortable and all of them are black.

The idea behind rats is that they evolve over the years, you cannot make a rat.

Something breaks on your bike, do you buy a new bit or find something that does the job but free or cheap.

I personaly prefer to fix my bike as cheaply as poss and if the bits not for that perticular bike it dont matter, all that matters is that it fits and it works at doing the job.

Its customisation at its best, its also fun to watch people figure out what the hell you have done! lol

At my age I don't think I have the years to allow a lot of evolving. I will just hang onto the GL500 and when I am gone, pass it on to my son and he can do whatever he wants with it. LOLOL


As they say:

Age, cunning and bloody mindedness wins over youth and exuberance any day! lol
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