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My CX500 RAT

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Thought I'd post some before and after pics of my RAT CX. This is the first bike I've ever owned. Flat black paint job, new handlebars and mirrors, shortened the rear fender, remounted and rewired the rear lights, sportster seat, vinyl cover for under the seat, removed the original exhaust and put straight pipes and header wrap.

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Looks good, I dig it!

Where you from in ON? I'm from Niagara Originally......I really miss Tim Horton's!
I'm in Toronto. Heck yeah I bet you miss Tim's. I'm a double double man myself. My favorite part about going to Tim's since I've had the bike is watching the guys with the chromed out harleys stick their noses up at me when I ride in. Harley owners love to congregate in Tim Horton's parking lots.

I guess Harley owners are the same everywhere!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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