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Greeting from Florida.

I thought I would finally register and post some pictures here on the forum.

I have been reading many topics here, Lots of great information.

1982 Honda GL500I 39k miles. My father bought new in 1982, I took ownership in 2008.

Items completed:

Paint Job, pin strip. Powdercoat - Valve covers, windshield mask, midland trunk mount, saddlebag handles, fairing vents.

All Brake/Turn are now LED. Electronic flasher.

Replaced the side reflectors with LED side markers.

The amber side marker will blink with the turn signal. The driving lights are mounted using one of the lower skirt screws.

I was not successful repainting the emblem letters. So for now they are painted black.

Added LED light bars to the saddlebags and trunk. The flash 3 times, steady on, then repeat.

Cyclesounds radio box. New radio/mp3 player on SD Memory. Polk Audio 4" speakers.

The green indicator on the left is connected to the brake lights. I will swap this to red soon.

I installed this because I discovered a stuck "on" brake light switch one day. Comfort level for me.

Black button on the right is connected to a garage door opener mounted in the fairing.


82' Honda Gl500

78' Yamaha XS400-2e

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Very nice! I like the blacked out badges with the silver. You'll have to share with us how you put the LED lights in the side markers. Did you just modify the OEM markers?

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Wow, nice bike.

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Here are the LED side markers I used. I did not purchase them from this site. I think I found them on ebay..


I need to find the rubber strip part number I ordered from McMaster Carr. Will look for that later today.

Saddlebag mod:

Here is the hardest part to do. You must modify the saddlebag.

Remove the reflector. I used a dremel tool with a router bit to cut the hole.

Cut the hard rubber to fit into the old reflector hole. Cut out the center for the LED light.

Use the lens cover to figure out where to drill the mounting holes for the lens cover.

The LED light is mounted inside the saddlebag. The screws holding the lens cover in place also holds the back LED in place.

The Red Cover does not fit into the old reflector mount. It actually sits flush to the surface of the saddlebags.

These are wired to the brake light/tail light.


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Fairing Mod:

Amber LED

First thing, take apart the amber LED indicator.

Cut away the black plastic surrounding the amber LED module.


Remove the reflector and black extender plastic.

Cut a hole in the black extender (shown at the bottom of the picture below.)

Cut the same hole in the rubber gasket. The LED module sits in the center of these cut outs.

Drill the holes for the amber lens thru the rubber and plastic extender.

I placed the post in the original mounting hole in the fairing.

Fit the black plastic extender over the LED module.

Mount these together. I think I needed longer screws.

Mounted together.

Next post will be how to wire this to create a steady on side light that will flash with turn signal.


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Nice work, I like those who think outside the box. Looks so good, I may do mine too. Thanks for the post.
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