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My 1st try at a Cafe', need advise

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Hello to all,

Several days ago I purchased a 82 CX500 custom in good mechanical shape, cosmetic shape is okay. Bike has 6500 miles on the speedo and it has a current PA inspection. It also came with a new rear tire, new battery and rebuilt forks. So far I have changed the motor and final drive oil and today I may atempt a coolant flush and valve check.

I am wanting to try and attempt a cafe build and have lots of questions and the wife has given me an $800.00 budget.

1. With adding lower bars (clubmans or equal) do I need shorter cables for the controls? The factory bars on my bike are very tall and swept back I thik I will have lots of slack.

2. I would like to run pods, would it be better to get different carbs if so what an I to look for and what size?

3. Do you need the h-box on the CX? I would like to fab two singles and not sure about needing the crossover pipe.

4. What is the best way to clean the motor and get it looking factory again?

I am also looking for a nice deluxe tank if anybody has one the would like to sell.

Thank you,

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I would do all the things I could myself to save the money for the absolute neccesary things you must buy like the air filters, tires, good shocks, some new front brake parts (CX are known for a weak front brake) If I were on a budget for braking I'd get the CX650 dual piston caliper and bracket, cross drill the rotor, buy some EBC or Galfer pads, and get a quality stainless steel line and call it good. The control cables should be shortened, it's not that bad to do yourself. To clean the engine you can soda blast it in your driveway if you have an air compressor, a Harbor Freight blow gun and a 3ft piece of clear tubing 3/8" diameter I think? Harley mufflers are a good way to go and yes, you should have a crossover tube. IMO.

Cheers, 50gary
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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