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My 1979 CX500 Standard, "Flash" (thread headline edited)

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Hi folks,
Been a member for awhile, just haven't had much time to participate. My 1979 CX500 Deluxe has been sitting for about 5 years and I'm looking to bring it back. Nothing was terribly wrong on the last ride. I was commuting long distances and the CX wasn't my first choice for that.
Now that I have more time and money, thought I'd burn both in one project ;)

Here's a list of initial tasks in no particular order. Please let me know if I'm missing anything critical.
1. new fluids & oil filter
2. new battery
3. new spark plugs
4. valve clearance check (using Murray's tool)
5. new battery
6. Murray's Carbs
7. check cam chain tensioner

Upcoming tasks. I live in Wisconsin. Winter will affect how long i can work in the garage.
8. new tires
9. change fork oil

The CDI was replaced about 12 years ago by a Honda shop. Haven't had any fluid leaks or electrical gremlins otherwise. I rebuilt the front caliber and replaced the brake reservoir about 7 years ago.

I'm looking forward to sharing more posts with my progress.


(Edit: model is standard, not Deluxe as originally posted)

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Nice bike. But it's a standard, not a deluxe.

Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
Yes, but the deluxe is a parts bin raider. It has the headlight. indicators and instruments from the C model, its own seat foam and cover and other details.

While mine is a replica it is accurate. The D wasn't sold here so I built my own. All parts are correct to model, barring the harley mufflers.

A US model would have a single disc brake.

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The OPs bike is a standard.
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Deluxe and standard use the same tank with minor differences to the fuel filler. This is actually a year thing so essentially a late/early thing. There are in fact three of these tanks with very early examples being different again.

My deluxe seat is a saddleman cover too, Your seat is the standard seat. The foam contour differs between the two as does the cover pattern.
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