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hey yall im not even gonna pretend like i really know what this stuff means, im just gonna show you what i got.
So im concerned about the sync of my carbs, and i figured they should look really close to the same. I didnt touch or adjust anything by the way

Automotive tire Rim Motor vehicle Alloy wheel Gas
<--left right-->
Wheel Automotive tire Rim Locking hubs Gas

This is a picture of the left carb and the right carb at 0 throttle. The left side is about 1/16 of an inch more open than the right side. I figure this is fine. Howerer when i open up the throttle, the left side lifts up about 3/16 in. before the right side lifts up at all.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle brake Locking hubs Rim
<--left right-->
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Rim Automotive wheel system Gas

This is a picture of the left and right carb at 100%wide open throttle. the bottom of the slides go up past the top of the opening. the left side lifts a lot higher up than the right side. you cant see that in this pic so i took more pics at ~80% throttle
Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Locking hubs Alloy wheel
<--left right-->
Automotive tire Rim Vehicle brake Gas Automotive wheel system

These are pics of the carbs at about ~80 throttle. It may be kind of hard to see because of all the reflection but on the left side you can just see the slide at the top of the opening. Theres maybe a 1/16 in or slightly more showing. On the right side, you can clearly see that the slide is much lower than the left. A good 1/4 in showing.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Light Hood Automotive design
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Rim Automotive exterior
The cables on both sides go up from each carb to the center of the bike, then they run up under the gas tank to the front of the gas tank. They are symmetrical and do not hit the gas tank. they are loose and not being pinched or anything.
Automotive tire Gas Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Auto part
The cables come out slightly on the left side of the frame when they join together and then turn to go to the throttle handle. So i figure my cable routing is OK.

I figure this cant be how the carbs are supposed to be, but maybe im just dumb. Ive already called Murray a few times and ive shipped these carbs to him twice. This is just how they look when I hook them up after getting them back. Im not sure what to do here, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks yall
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