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I have had my bike for a couple of weeks now and am becoming familiar with it. I'm not sure I think it's big enough for a 500-mile cruise, but it sure is nice to get out on a country lane early on a Saturday morning and enjoy the solitude. And I do like winding through the gears a little to experience some G-force.

One thing my bike needs is new mufflers or baffles. I've searched the forums here and found some references to replacement parts that "sound good," but I am not sure these suggestions would suit me.

I would like to make my bike as quiet as possible and preserve the original performance capability. Based on what I've read here so far, Honda matched all the components for optimum performance and I would like to stay "in the channel" with this fix-up. I also would like to maintain the bike's original appearance.

I have found various replacement baffles and they seem to be pretty economical, but I have no idea whatsoever if these will do what I want. What "sounds good" to someone else may be intolerable racket to me. I was young once and appreciated the sound of a snarling engine, but I am an old dude now and I eschew unnecessary noise. Plus, I have learned that loud does not necessarily equal high-performance anyway.

Any comments or suggestions welcome.
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