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What he said^^^^

Mine see more abuse than most (not many of us ride through snow deeper than the footpegs) and I've had them supported by just the header bolts and the muffler brackets for as long as I've had these bikes and it hasn't caused any problems. My current setup has 2 straps supporting each muffler but this set of Harley mufflers are longer & heavier than the ones I've had before and have 2 places for brackets and it was easy to find a place to attach a 2nd strap to the E frame.

BTW: I originally removed the H box on my GL500 back in 2000 because it was in the way of where I wanted to attach the subframe needed to provide a lower front mount for the sidecar plus I didn't think it would survive more than a winter or two and I expected I would replace it with plain exhaust pipe anyway. That was before Murray got involved with producing parts for these bikes so I cobbled together mid pipes from off the shelf car exhaust pipe parts.
When I replaced that bike with Eccles (CX650E based winter machine I'm still using) I used the same subframe and had the same thoughts about the life expectancy of the H box on salted roads so I did the same thing on it.

Those off the shelf exhaust pipe pieces never lasted more than 2 or 2 winters because they would rust out where I held them together with sheet metal screws. The pre-bent pipes I bought from Murray are much better. I installed them in '16 with new aftermarket headers and almost new Harley mufflers; The headers have shed all of their chrome and are badly rust pitted and one of the mufflers spit out a baffle a couple of weeks ago so I'm planning to replace everything but the mid pipes this year.
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