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Monoshock on a CX - how?

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I can recall seeing posts about installing the GL swingarm and monoshock setup on a CX being incredibly time consuming, annoying, and arguably not worth it. However, I also know that some have done it. I could not find any information about the process other than the fact that it took extensive work.

Charles, I am specifically thinking about you here. Other than welding a mounting point at the top, what exactly needs to be done? I would love to chop off everything behind the downtube on the spine, swap to the GL swingarm with the monoshock, and add a subframe in the styling of a sportbike. I'm just curious whether or not it would be more worth my time to simply purchase a GL frame and swap all my current parts over.

Any suggestions?
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A few have done it but a lot of that is buried in the archives. Remember cx carbs wont fit a gl.
I was interested in using only the frame and swingarm from the GL, nothing else. Of course, if in the end it is less work to weld and modify the CX frame to accommodate a monoshock design rather than attempt to put a full CX package in the GL frame I will just do that. I am aware that there are posts dealing with this topic, and I specifically remember reading about one, but for the life of me I can't find it. If anyone knows the link off the top of their head please post it.

I imagine that if I were to use nothing stock behind the backbone, there really would not be too much hassle involved in the change. Am I correct in assuming the issues lie in trying to finagle the GL swingarm and shock around all the stock CX parts?
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