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Mixture adjustment

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What way do you turn the screws to adjust the mixture? I am running a little rich and want to lean it out a little.
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I thought from previous discussions they were backwards, more of an air adjustment screw.

So, in effect, they're like a regular needle valve that lets more fuel in if you loosen them (CCW) and less fuel in if you tighten them (CW) ?

I also seem to recall the starting point is 2-1/2 turns out

I think as a rule of thumb, if the screws are on the air box side of the carbs, then they are usually an air adjustment screw and turning them in would result in a richer condition,,but if the screws are on the engine side of the carbs they are fuel adjustment screws and turning them in will lean the mix.

Yes 2.5 turns or so is a good starting point for adjusting the mixture.
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