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Mixture adjustment

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What way do you turn the screws to adjust the mixture? I am running a little rich and want to lean it out a little.
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I thought from previous discussions they were backwards, more of an air adjustment screw.

So, in effect, they're like a regular needle valve that lets more fuel in if you loosen them (CCW) and less fuel in if you tighten them (CW) ?

I also seem to recall the starting point is 2-1/2 turns out
I've got a % oxygen analyzer around here somewhere but wouldn't know how it could be used.

Actually, if you hit a salvage yard and grab a set of old O2 sensors that have the heaters built in (they're usually the second ones, after the cats) you should be able to easily rig up your own mixture analyzer that can not only give direct readout but comparisons at the same time.

You'd need the sensors with the heaters since they wouldn't get into their operating range by placing them at the ends of the tailpipes so you'd need an auxiliary battery to keep them heated. Then comes a simple A/F gauge circuit which monitors the output of the sensors. It isn't a linear output, it constantly varies between 0 to 1V almost in a square wave so you integrate/average the sensor output and a 0.5V average indicates a proper mixture.

Sounds like a neat project may be in the works for the future, wonder if I still have my special O2 sensor socket hanging around somewhere so I can take it the next time I hit the auto salvage yard.
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