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Another discussion (on helmets and visability) reminded me that I had wanted to get some feedback on mirrors. I have handlebar mounted mirrors- and I'm fine with them, not looking to get fairing mounted ones- but I was thinking of getting the shock-absorbing mirror mounts like these

Another idea I had was to install one or two of the convex mirrors. Has anybody else installed them? General success?
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Aftermarket fairing mount mirrors are often reported as being inferior on several counts.

I used a set of aftermarket fairing mirrors until I broke one. They were a waste of $22.00. I could never get them adjusted so I could actually see anything behind me.
I questioned using them but in the end I didn't. The best thing you can do is get real motorcycle mirrors. None of that aftermarket crap. Only stock mirrors seem to have stock quality. Everything else vibrates like crazy.

I agree. Aftermarket mirrors seem to have one thing in common, they are all cheap. Cheap in price and cheap in quality. I have spent more money on lousy mirrors than I would have on one good set from the manufacturer.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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