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Another discussion (on helmets and visability) reminded me that I had wanted to get some feedback on mirrors. I have handlebar mounted mirrors- and I'm fine with them, not looking to get fairing mounted ones- but I was thinking of getting the shock-absorbing mirror mounts like these

Another idea I had was to install one or two of the convex mirrors. Has anybody else installed them? General success?
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I tried them a few years ago, and they sort of worked, reduced the vibration, or at least lowered the frequency of the "buzz". They're not a total ripoff, but also not a perfect solution. Like many things. I ran handlebar mirrors for years on a GL650 with a Vetter fairing, and my current bike, a GL650I with fairing mount OEM mirrors is much better. Mirror position, field of view, little to no vibration, good on all counts. Well synced carbs, balanced tires, etc. can help too. Aftermarket fairing mount mirrors are often reported as being inferior on several counts.
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