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Hi All,

I hope everyone is warming up a bit these days.... cept for Bandit

So anyhowse, yesterday out on the bike, lookin' for a screw ( keep it to yourself RB, it was a pivot screw for scissors)... and In the parking lot of a sewing supply joint, is a parked "seen better days" 81 CX Custom. I wondered who might be riding it as I've only seen two others on the road here since I got mine last spring. While leaving the sewing place full of women but still screwless
, I see this woman at the checkout with long curly red hair, bad no A** Chaps, and a bitchin leather jacket loading up her purchases.
now, I'm thinking hey, YOU DO meet the nicest people on Hondas... but this is just too good to be true.... well maybe

So I Introduce myself and compliment her choice in transportation. Of course that was just a "line" so I could announce I was also the proud owner of a CX500. Turns out, She seemed to be a really nice person in the ten minutes or so we talked. of course we "connected" how could two CX riders not "connect"
She has had her bike for 15 years and it's a daily rider.... the odometer showed 33k, but I think it may have been stopped for a while
She's from cross country, has made a few long bike trips and was "vivacious" for lack of better wurds...

Turns out she has a boyfriend and I still need a screw. At least I made a friend, and if only for a parking lot brief encounter, those smiles last forever... I gave her my Number as she was not aware of cam chain adjusting and her tappets were tap dancing... still it was running purty derned good and started first pop. You really do meet the nicest people on a Honda...

Later Gang....
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