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Hello all,

I'm the new owner of a 1980 CX500 Deluxe and also new to the motorcycle world. After purchasing this beauty of a bike I encountered a blown fuse on my first ride(Glass Fuses); A trip to a local auto store yielded a new fuse. When I returned home to change the fuse I neglected to remove the battery before attempting the swap and was met with a spark which melted the contact point.
After a bit of research I've come to the realization that my options are either getting and installing a new inline fuse holder or changing to a blade fuse. To be completely honest, I'd like to take the inline fuse holder route since it seems to be easier, faster, and would get me on the road with to put some mileage under my belt; with a complete change over to bladed fuses happening sometime in the future.

So with that being said, does anyone have a link to a proper size inline due holder for the main fuse next to the battery? And possibly a walk through FAQ for the install process?
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