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I purchase 3 new lx579 sensors on Ebay for $36 and Free Shipping.. ($12/piece). I had one laying around which I also bought off ebay for about the same price, maybe ($10 plus shipping) I thought that was good as others were in the $40 and up range Plus Shipping. The item location was listed as "Item location: San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States" Which I was hesitant on, but I thought what the heck.

Parts took a little longer to get here but they arrived in a very reasonable time based on location. Very nicely packaged. The parts were individually wrapped and were in a factory LX579 box.

They were originally listed at $13.50/piece but there was also a Make Offer button (FREE SHIPPING).

These parts are used to replace the speed sensors in the bikes. Info is available on the forum, just search for LX579. If you have not done this, You may need to and these parts are priced such that they are nice to have around.

The link to the sellers store is below if anyone is interested.

Search his store for LX579
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I purchase 3 new lx579 sensors on Ebay for $36 and Free Shipping.. ($12/piece).
Not the intention of making this a competition :p but I just bought 5 LX-552 for $3 each ! ( I also saw them for 99 cents, but for me the postage to Europe was to expensive )

I measured the resistance and spot on 165 ohms :)

They are listed also on ebay as :
[h=1]Distributor Impulse Transmitter Kit-Facet fits 77-78 Subaru DL 1.6L-H4
[/h] [h=2] WD EXPRESS 741 49001 614[/h]
I believe the following pick up coils alsp have the right coils for us :
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