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Lucky - I know you tried a PM but

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my browser (Opera) doesn't deal with these very well at all so e-mail is the best way if you need to contact me on the side.

Opera's great for about 95% of everything and is rarely hacked. It's also extremely simple much like the old Netscape v4.72 was before AOL got a hold of that. Can't stand MSIE and Firefox has gotten into the habit of "pushing" all sorts of things I don't understand into itself without allowing you a choice.

A browser should be just that - plain, simple and only deal with add-ons you want on there.

Hit me with an e-mail or post it public as PMs don't work right, might be because I'm still running Vista on this laptop I've been using in interim until I put my upgraded desktop PC back in place.

May be busy tomorrow too, I've about got my new 22 TB server up and running that's part of my media system. Let me tell you, putting 12 ea 2 TB drives into RAID 5 on WinXP Pro 64 isn't all that easy.
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That's great, let's hear it for Ubuntu. Open Suse is okay too.
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