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Looking for steering stem bearings?

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Is this new? (All Balls Fork Conversion Bearings)

This front-end conversion search is based on bearing size ONLY! Stem length may be vary from machine to machine making some combinations unworkable. As a result of front-end conversion, rake and trail may be altered, adversely affecting handling of the vehicle.
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Now that is interesting but if you're already in the bearing business you know what other bikes take so this is just utilizing the rest of the data to help people.

It looks like a good idea. Lots of bikes take the same bearings.

Yea, this should help anyone looking for a front end swap. Now all we need is to find what front ends have same length stems and we are set.
Well, I just won an auction for a $4 triple tree from a 03 GSXR750. As soon as i receive it I will report my findings. Looks like a complete front end swap is in the works.
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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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