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Longer Kickstand from another make and model?

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Hello all,

I’ve tried to find some information on the forum and nothing pulls up quite what I’m looking for. I imagine the young man in this video may be unable to verify what make and model his new used kickstand came from.

In the below video, it is suggested that there are kickstands that will fit the CX500 and will give the kickstand some extra height. Does anybody have an idea of which makes and models and what years of these makes and models had kickstands that would fit the CX500 and would give the CX50 at least another inch or more of height in the kickstand?

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He says very clearly, it's from a 1982 XR85. I'm sure there are many other possible donors.
Wow. I don’t know why I missed that. Thank you.
CX500 standard kickstand is 10 mm longer than that from the C and D.
Thanks for that tip about the 10mm difference with the standard. Probably not enough for me but i’ll keep in mind.

now i remember why i disregarded gus statement about the model. the xr85 doesn’t appear to have been a model. there was an xr80.
I usually end up shortening stands but cutting and shutting two together to make a longer one would be easy enough. Or just use the one stand and find a piece of matching steel tube for the added piece and another smaller diameter one for the internal reinforcement sleeve.
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Yeah, I cut the kickstand, insert a piece of round bar into the kickstand parts, and weld it. With some grinding and a 1" benchtop belt sander, you can get the stand to look stock without much effort.

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