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Yes, it was down a bit yesterday.

<geek on>

Since I am familiar with it, I did a DNS search as the lookup was timing out. Couldn't resolve the domain name to a specific I.P. address. Wonder if the host's DNS servers were down and not updating the top level domain server's DNS records. The A Record IP address for the site for the virtual web server is the one of the 2 DNS servers of record for the domain. That's my diagnosis.

Since I didn't have the IP address for the servers the website resides on, I couldn't use that to see if the website or server was down as well.

Now however I do.

<geek off>

Or, in other words, in the Internet "phone book" couldn't be found. So it couldn't send us where we needed to go. Got tired trying to think were it was. Gave up. Now it is able to look it up again. And it tells us where to go. HTH.

Didn't pursue that much further as we were celebrating the daughter's 20th birthday last night and she will be back at college on her real birth date.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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