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Hello All,

Im nearing the end of a complete 1982 CX500 rebuild. Here is my situation any help would be greatly appreciated.
To make a long story short the engine is running, carbs rebuilt tuned, re-jetted for straight pipes and pods. She sounds
great. But I have a persistent little issue that is blowing my mind.

Leaking Head Gasket after 3 tries!

The first was both cylinders OEM gaskets leaking coolant and oil, very messy.

The second was the same gaskets cleaned, surfaces cleaned and gaskets coated with copper sealant spray, better but not there yet.

Third and current rendition:

After such fails with the original gaskets i decided to give solid copper ones a try. Coated twice with the spray, correctly dried placed
and voila a good seal... at first. Then the leak reappeared at the front edge of the head just below the exhaust as before but smaller.
Everything is tightened to spec +5 pounds to be sure. I did the let it cool and re tighten to no true progress.

The bolt holes were clean and prepped as noted in other discussions.

I will be working on her tomorrow and can post pictures if that will help.

The leaks came from the same place on both sides originally. Is there some small detail that I am overlooking?

Thank you,
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