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I find these to be plenty bright. Shown with 9v... even brighter with 12v source. I'm going to look for the link to my write up. I had written down the radio shack part numbers and the resistors needed for each LED for a 12v source.

EDIT: It's not in the quick reference anymore
Not sure if I will be able to find it now.


I used the following:

Yellow Led Part Number 276-0351 QTY=1 uses 1 560 Ohm (not K) resistor eash. Pkg contains 2 LED's

Blue Led Part Number 276-0316 QTY=1 uses 1 470 Ohm resistor

Red Led Part Number 276-307 QTY=1 uses 560 Ohm resistor

Green Led Part Number 276-0022 QTY=1 uses 470 Ohm resistor

560 Ohm Resistors Part Number 271-1116 QTY=1 (package contains 5)

I do not have Radio Shacks part number for the 470 Ohm resistors, Im sorry! They have um though.

This is a neat link for figuring out the resistance needed.

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